Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The usual routine

Y'know it's been kinda quiet here. Not cause Graves don't speak, mostly cause there ain't much of a challenge. Surprising a chick with weed cutters don't cut it like it used to. Lopping off a guy's leg and sawing him apart bit by bit has dulled dramatically so. Necessary little things but that's all they are, little things. Big man stopped coming round, gotta find something else to play with.
Graves don't cut it either, fun chick to kill with but there's something about a babe with the same expression that gets boring. It's like fucking a corpse with her, them lying there and taking it ain't as fun as them writhing and screaming. Y'know, necrophiliacs will say otherwise. Fun people, my dad was one after mother met an unfortunate end, heh. Charming as fuck to a dead broad but get a live one in their face and they'll s-s-stutter all the way home!
A HOLLOW little treat she is though, glad I kept her.

I tracked down a pale lass last night. Got bored what can I say? Late night walking, don't they teach chicks anything these days? Wasn't safe in the Ripper days, heh. I sucked her into an alleyway for cliches sake. She screamed not that it did her any good, muffled by my hand and all. Bucked hard enough to make me hit the wall just trying to keep a hold of her.
It's cute y'know, that face they make when ya got em. Chickie pulled free with some kind of woman's self defense. I laugh and I smiled, even charmed her a bit. Get a lady scared though and there ain't no going back. Wide doe eyes and all that. Made the mistake of trying to run and boy that made my job so easy. Grabbed her dark locks and threw that mediocre face into the wall. The sound she made upon collision was perfect~
Just like the thud of her hitting the ground. I grabbed her hair and dragged her around back and boy did she squirm! Her torso got pretty disfigured with all the stabbing. I watched her die not from blood loss but pain being too much to bear. Trust me kiddies I know the difference. ;)
Painted a nice picture ya know. Her laying there in red next to some dumpsters. Back alley trash, heh. Graves stepped outta the fucking shadows like she owned em. That handkerchief covering as much of her face usual. Same dead eyes same everything but can't expect much from a hollow little bitch. Swung that shovel off her shoulder and picked up the body like a good girl. Brought all the way back home and had some fun with the usual necessity rituals.

Fun night all in all. By fun I mean good enough cause that itch just keeps coming back. Gotta scratch it and boy when I do does it feel good.

So good. ;)