Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I found something neat!

I'M SO BORED. I was lookin' all over the net for fun stuff. I've found this neat site named Tumbles. It doesn't give a fuck about stepping on peoples toes. It ain't trying to be nice or hide the sex and gore of life. I LIKE IT!

So I decided to stay.

I ain't leaving here, boyos. I've got too much to do. It's a mean for shits and giggles. Just so I'm not BORED. I've been having fun leaving these things called Asks to people, too! This place is a keeper, kiddies. Have fun~ ;)

Monday, July 23, 2012


EHEHEHEHEH!!! I've done it. I've settled down. No it ain't with a wifey and kiddos yet, boys and gals. No fucking way! Got a place though. We settled for this run down, abandoned apartment. I got levels upon levels all for ME. AND MY GUESTS!

Now I'm bored. No running around or nothin. Just that chickie whose got her own life. Gotta fix that I think. What's a life, man? ;)

Josie opted for staying but we threw her into a motel some odd blocks away. Keeping her distant from our love shack. Ain't got no need for em coppers!

Saw a druggie earlier and followed him to the rest of his boyos and hoes. Hoes is the proper term, yeah? YEAH. Torn em to ribbons, let the boyo run off drugged off his arse. I had stuff to do, like pouring all that cocaine down one of the girlie's throats. Gotta make sure it stays down there, ya know. Had to stick my hand in as far as I could. Her reaction was PRICELESS! By reaction I mean the way she flailed and spasmed. ;)
That boyo I chased down, he didn't think it was a good idea to go into a crowd. Dumb fuck! Stuck in an alley with nowhere else to go. What can ya do? Kids just don't make it fun no more. There's no challenge. Got him from behind with a knife from one of the other DEAD boyos. Wedged it up under his ribs into that sweet sweeeeet spot. Boy did he squeal like the pig he is!!! I hugged him close and listened to every cry and breath until it all came to a stop. Threw him aside cause druggies don't provide the best meat to harvest. This was all just loads of fun!!

Bored bored bored. I don't like staying in this place. I like the farmhouse. Falling apart just so prettily! Got a torture space and a legit harvesting room. I even had a draining room! Oh this is madness. Eheheheheh!!!! MADNESS! HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS? IT'S SO BORING!
Killed a tourist recently and been playing with their camera. I think I got an idea to liven things up, boyos. :)
Got nothin better to do but write out that other stuff. Ain't got much of the attention span. Graves will do the boring stuff. Save me from wasting time.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I knew I forgot somebody~ ;) <3

As the smoke rises

Why is it titled that? Cause we were blown up. Kinda not really but sort of survived an explosive house. Eheheheheh!!! We've done lotsa things while we were gone, little sheep. That house was one of the first things, ya know. It tried to kill us in EVERY FUCKING ROOM! I liked it. Shame the place went up in smoke. That gets its own post soon! ;)

It was because of that place I've gotten into some toe tapping jams. Graves ain't too keen on me blasting away some tunes but fuck her like I always do. I DO WHAT I WANT. Got blown up and it gave me a craaaaving for some bbq. Nice and crispy. Took out a family and harvested them up. Ever had fried baby? Did ya know ya can use their little skulls as a baseball? It's true and fun! The more ya know, eheheh!!

I just go my way,
Living everyday!
I don't worry!
Worrying don't agree,
Things that bother you,
Never bother me!

Some bitch called the cops on me. By bitch I mean LeCroix and by cops I mean a swat team and by a swat team I mean a dead swat team. Mista Creevey paid her a visit and I laughed and laughed until he said hi to us. Then I sliced and diced and Graves teleported to another city. Twas fun while it lasted, eheheh. Haven't seen him again since. Close encounter though with mista freaky. Came back to where we've been bunking for the last few months. I've met a fine little lass who ain't got a clue of who I am but I know her all too well. We're having lotsa fun. Maybe I'll propose. HA!! Gotta take out the trash before I can do that though. ;)

Josie showed up a bit ago too. Did I forget to mention that? Couple of weeks after Mista Creevey. Little bitch grew up a bit, I was gonna stab her on sight but then thought no no no, this is too rich. That's an easy death. I think I wanna explore her fears. Nothin like having a meat shield when Mista Creevey comes walking over. Her screaming and crying will help me think and be a nice little bonus!

Don't ya worry, ya impatient fucks. I'm gonna give it to you all real good. All this stuff I mentioned is getting its own little individual posts. I promise. I'm just a bit short on time now, ya see. I got me a fine date. I sharpened my scythe just for it too! I wonder if she can handle this big boy, eheheheh!!! I miss talking to yous guys about murder. Gonna have to start that up again. :D