Friday, September 30, 2011


Saintie left officially a week ago. I've been busy, I know y'all missed me lots. </3

I wanna tell ya all about it.

So Saintie left after we bothered Graves some more and tortured the city a bit. That Agent came back and sent out more popos to play with. Fucker got the streets littered with coppers. Where ya getting all these peeps from, pulling em out your ass? Sounds desperate to me.
Got the idea before Saintie came round to get into the police headquarters. Got Graves all dressed up, had to sit her on down and pull out the stitches from her lips. Got a nasty scar across her face, y'know, I put it there. Almost made her blind but she moved. Lucky girlie she was back then. Reopened that wound nice and slowly, made her bleed all prettily.
Got her all dolled up before I beat the crap outta her, messed her up like a victim just up until death.

She teleported right into town and I waited for some hours. Then some more and then some more. She didn't come back.

I was not happy, no no no.
She teleported in late at night. Should I say early the next morning? Dunno, don't care. Graves came back exhausted and collapsed on the floor of the dining room. I saw some fresh injuries that I didn't do. Dragged her downstairs and put her on the table, stopped the bleeding.
Been a while since I've heard her voice, y'know. Listened when she explained what had happened in a hoarse voice. Said she went in there, went as planned. She scanned the room a few times through-out her time there, then on one of the times noticed someone staring back from one of the office windows. He was different looking, found out he was the Agent. He came out and greeted Graves, took her into his office. They talked a bit and he was casual fella she said. Was a bit sickly looking, pale, greasy dark blonde hair. Wore a suit and had slightly red eyes that looked weary.

They talked a bit and he closed the blinds, they talked some more before he inquired about me. Good old Gallows!! She played off differently, like only hearing about me. Couldn't say she was a survivor cause we all know better. ;)
Didn't matter cause he knew somehow. She caught his smile and he got his foot between her legs and knee in her chest, cuffed both hands to the chair. The Agent tried to interrogate her, beat her, when other coppers requested his presence he left the room. She was able to break the arms of the chair and teleport free.

Fella beat her pretty badly. Stabbed her in some nice but less harmful spots. Patched her up, stitched her up, she's all better now.
I am not happy, no no no. Agent knows us it looks like. Knows us pretty damn well, gotta fix this.
Gonna take a leave though. I got plans with a new buddy of mine y'all know by Ferus, but more on that later. ;)

Agent, we're gonna play real soon. Just you wait.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN! We played "Hide the body parts from Graves" and scattered em EVERYWHERE! EHEHEHEH!!! She went on a scavenger hunt to find em all.
We hid up on a level above her and dropped a body in front of her through a hole. SHE JUMPED and then threw the body over her shoulder and left. BOO!!
It's so much fun. I really wish she got angry. :(

It was the best of times. Saintie sums it up nicely so I won't go over the little things. ;)

We've been experimenting lots. I showed Saintie how to organize a persons insides and pick apart their body for use. Graves has been cleaning up after us, it's hysterical. I wanna put her in a maid dress watch, eheheh!! Gotta calm myself. She'll be getting dolled up real soon, heh!

Saintie and I are gonna to keep experimenting. I think I gotta let him go soon. FEW DAYS. WEEK. TWO? Wanna keep him some days. He don't scream or reel like em other proxy boyos when I pull a knife and get all playful. I like Saintie which is why I gotta let him go. I kill what I like. Graves is alive because she's more of a tool than a person. :)
Saintie, I don't want you to go. Let's play as along as we can! I think we should see how the human body can stretch. Then we can see how many cuts it takes till a person dies from pain and not blood loss. OH OH OH!! We should mummify someone! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT! I tried once. I got too hungry to finish, eheheh!!!



Graves present.

I've come to the conclusion Gallows is using Saint as a distraction from the issues at hand with the Agent. It has come to my attention that he's been sending me out to check in on updates in the area, yet he does not act. While Gallows is putting my body to work I find it less troublesome with him in a good mood.

Saint is pleasant when not influenced by Gallows. Hiding body parts was not something my time should be spent with. They had me put together the body before I buried it.

I recognize Gallows' itch. There is a reason we are secluded to this property and that city only a few miles away. Unlike others with specified targets or groups Gallows kills everyone, anyone. You are all prey to him, how long it takes for him to hunt you or kill you makes all the difference. Saint has done well. It has been years since Gallows allowed someone to live this long.

I need to tend to cleaning. Gallows has fallen asleep finally, he hangs himself oddly over the couch and is dangling half off it with his legs over the back. Gallows does not handle alcohol well, never built up much of a tolerance. There isn't any point in adjusting him, this is a normal sleeping position even when sober.

Enjoy your lives, farewell.


Sunday, September 11, 2011


We have been busy since the arrival of Saint. Gallows has taken it upon himself to hover over our guest. Upon arrival he carried this air of authority, we saw through it all too easily. Gallows applauded his ways of mimicking others, sat him down in the living room to muse over his demeanor. They talked and all the while the host of the eve tested Saint, even resorted to idly prodding him with a fireplace porker.

They went with the killing contest, whether it was actually one or not I am unaware of. It seemed to fit a spree more than an actual contest itself. I transported them into the desired area and left. They came home on their own time with a stolen vehicle and a body count higher than expected.

I threw the shovel at Gallows when they returned, he cackled madly about how I should start digging. I began so and only recently have taken a break. He hovers now with Saint as I write this, no doubt planning to rant his own two cents.

I cannot imagine Saint truly enjoying his stay here. Our place of residence is not exactly suitable for guests, let alone ourselves. A home that is decaying like the bodies upon the property, filthy for the most part and a mess all together. His room isn't much different, forced to use a lantern. The bed has become stale in its comfort. Blood stains, dirt, various filth covers the house. The vines have taken to crawling inside the house in some spots, not that we care. The place could come down upon us all and it would mean nothing.


Gotta interrupt this here post. Tell ya how excited I am. BOY OH BOY! Saintie is a riot. We played through the streets until the coppers finally found us.


Saintie me boy your icy eyes with red smeared around em fits well.
We made him dance real good, was all stiff at first but he loosened up real good, YUP. Stole a truck and began tossing in bodies then made an escape. GOOD TIMES!!
Took him back and we played with the bodies along with various sharp objects. GREAT TIMES!!

Maybe we'll get live prey to bring home and play with? ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!!! I'M JUST SO EXCITED!

I wanna stab and stab and stab until a river of red flows. Oh I could just make someones eyes bleed like they are excited and crying in joy for me. Oh oh oh!!! WE'LL HAVE SO MUCH FUN~

Graves is glowering in the corner, it's cute. I don't think she likes me playing with the other children. Thinks it's dangerous. She doesn't have any say though, she knows it. ;)
Maybe they'll play together. Oh that would be so delightful!

Oh the Agent and his pawns won't know what to do with themselves. We'll play the game and have so much fun, you'll learn a thing or two, boyo. So will they. We'll break so many skulls and I'll teach ya how to cut em open real good, Saintie.

Can't promise ya won't get cut but y'know y'all walk away with your life. That gotta count for something. ;)

Hi ho hi ho it's off to murder with Saintie I go~


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Slit throats

Tell me, viewers, have you seen the eyes of a murderer before? Their hollow beating hearts intensify their gaze. Every breathe is that of a hungry predator, he who desires nothing more but to rip and tear, to bleed the world dry.

Gallows captured eleven people over these last few days. He shoved them all within the second Draining Room. Bare of anything it was used for one purpose, holding live prey. I stood-by and watched as the man walked into the crowd with nothing but pants on, minus the messily painted raccoon eyes he smudges on daily. Every step was intent and without any play of words he flipped open his switchblade and struck the closest person, running the blade across their neck. He struck the next closest, then the next, hopping from person to person and slitting their throats.

Some pulled back and grabbed their necks, he kicked their stomachs or tore away their arms before slitting their throats too. The results were all the same. Blood spewed through the room, across Gallows, by the end of it the floor was mostly covered by red. The drain gurgled as it seeped, going to where it always did.

We stand upon his work, the corpses below us. The land stained in blood, the streets of the city built upon it. There is no regret within his gaze, I cannot feel any of my own. Perhaps we are products of His nothingness, the gap that can never be filled. I wonder, maybe we were never meant to feel at all?

Our lives deserve no such questions. Gallows will laugh seeing this and these thoughts that sometimes wander will fall silent for they hold no worth. We are His products, purpose exists not here.

Those that question otherwise are not paying very good attention. Gallows pities your ability to comprehend in my place.

Agent, we suspect you to be watching. May your God hear the last minute prayers you shall send when Gallows finds you.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Words kept

Gallows killed the family of the previous police officer.

He went to them and had them contact the partner. When the partner arrived Gallows knocked him unconscious and waited for him to awaken. He left the man on his side as he threw the newly classified widow to the floor. He cut her open neck to the end of her stomach, he tore out her insides as if he was ripping apart wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

The daughter was not home and rather than find the girl Gallows chose to let her find the home as it would be. The two sons in their teenage years were bound, horrified by what lurked beneath the flesh of their mother. Gallows twisted their limbs in directions a human body should never experience. He hung both the bodies when he finished with them, lit them on fire and let them slowly spread the flames.

To the officer that was bound another interrogation arose. Gallows was not satisfied by the end of it. I watched from the corner as he let out his anger through the knife in hand. I counted sixty some odd stabs before my mind drifted off somewhere else.

When he pulled himself off the body and made his way there was no doubt things would not continue this eve. The anger simmered down much but it did not stop the seething. The flames by then spread across the ceiling, trailed down the walls and met the carpet. I held out a hand and he took it without hesitation. We returned to the home he has made for himself, built on hardships and sins.