Friday, September 2, 2011

Words kept

Gallows killed the family of the previous police officer.

He went to them and had them contact the partner. When the partner arrived Gallows knocked him unconscious and waited for him to awaken. He left the man on his side as he threw the newly classified widow to the floor. He cut her open neck to the end of her stomach, he tore out her insides as if he was ripping apart wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

The daughter was not home and rather than find the girl Gallows chose to let her find the home as it would be. The two sons in their teenage years were bound, horrified by what lurked beneath the flesh of their mother. Gallows twisted their limbs in directions a human body should never experience. He hung both the bodies when he finished with them, lit them on fire and let them slowly spread the flames.

To the officer that was bound another interrogation arose. Gallows was not satisfied by the end of it. I watched from the corner as he let out his anger through the knife in hand. I counted sixty some odd stabs before my mind drifted off somewhere else.

When he pulled himself off the body and made his way there was no doubt things would not continue this eve. The anger simmered down much but it did not stop the seething. The flames by then spread across the ceiling, trailed down the walls and met the carpet. I held out a hand and he took it without hesitation. We returned to the home he has made for himself, built on hardships and sins.



  1. Killing them won't make the mystery go away. Oh no. It'll only inspire that Agent even more.

    I doubt you want to be locked away and left to rot. Then again, with that pesky Path, you needn't worry. Unless, you know, that Agent is with the organization that knows how to defend against those things. Then you're fucked, dear.

  2. It is good you both have each other, even if it is a house of hardship and sin it is still a Home, Brothers. It makes the kill much more satisfying.

  3. @Dia provoking people is what I do best. If I didn't want that agent to come after old Gallows I wouldn't be killing off his lackeys. ;)

    @Saint Ho ho ho~ my brother. Graves is but your sister. Being a brute might make ya think different though. Should think about visiting us some time, promise not to kill ya on the first visit. Maybe some cuts? ;)

  4. You lie and you keep your word. Good to know.

  5. Ah, thank you for informing me. A visit sounds like something I could learn from. Home is dull now that I've disposed of the corpses.

  6. Gallows is a very special breed of proxy. I daresay, I think he might be focusing on the ones connected to the agent more than his normal victims. At least he has a reason now.

  7. @Mister Creevey Do what I can. ;)

    @Saint A home of no bodies is no home at all. My home can be your home. :)

    @Dia Reason, I guess have it now. Weird, eheheh!! ;)