Sunday, September 11, 2011


We have been busy since the arrival of Saint. Gallows has taken it upon himself to hover over our guest. Upon arrival he carried this air of authority, we saw through it all too easily. Gallows applauded his ways of mimicking others, sat him down in the living room to muse over his demeanor. They talked and all the while the host of the eve tested Saint, even resorted to idly prodding him with a fireplace porker.

They went with the killing contest, whether it was actually one or not I am unaware of. It seemed to fit a spree more than an actual contest itself. I transported them into the desired area and left. They came home on their own time with a stolen vehicle and a body count higher than expected.

I threw the shovel at Gallows when they returned, he cackled madly about how I should start digging. I began so and only recently have taken a break. He hovers now with Saint as I write this, no doubt planning to rant his own two cents.

I cannot imagine Saint truly enjoying his stay here. Our place of residence is not exactly suitable for guests, let alone ourselves. A home that is decaying like the bodies upon the property, filthy for the most part and a mess all together. His room isn't much different, forced to use a lantern. The bed has become stale in its comfort. Blood stains, dirt, various filth covers the house. The vines have taken to crawling inside the house in some spots, not that we care. The place could come down upon us all and it would mean nothing.


Gotta interrupt this here post. Tell ya how excited I am. BOY OH BOY! Saintie is a riot. We played through the streets until the coppers finally found us.


Saintie me boy your icy eyes with red smeared around em fits well.
We made him dance real good, was all stiff at first but he loosened up real good, YUP. Stole a truck and began tossing in bodies then made an escape. GOOD TIMES!!
Took him back and we played with the bodies along with various sharp objects. GREAT TIMES!!

Maybe we'll get live prey to bring home and play with? ;)


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  2. Well, no wonder Ferus has a "platonic" hard-on for this guy.

  3. @The Glass Man, Esq. oh how it would be so fun for your friend Ferus to stop by~
    Me and Graves would love for a visit! Oh she would be delighted to bury the bodies!! Y'know, if she felt anything that is, heh.
    Glass Man you are so much fun too, you should come play. YES, COME PLAY THE GAME WITH ME! Eheheh!!

  4. Sounds like a marvelous bath of blood! Glad that it was more than satisfactorily enjoyable.

  5. @Zero Song thank ya, boyo! It was delicious. ;)

  6. @0harts oh lookie who it is!!
    Ho ho ho~ why yes I did find me a fun buddy. We're having the best of time! Playing hide body parts (from)with Graves, so much fun~