Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The mystery

"Why did they come?"

"Come? Come where? I don't know!"


"No no no please not th-"

"Why did they come?"

"It it was the call."

"What call?"

"We weren't going to but the agent told us to. He issued the order!"

"What agent?"

"I I I don't know. This suit showed up and and I don't know!"


"Please go-"

"What agent?"

"I don't-"



"What firm?"

"I don't-"

"What branch of the government?"

"I don't-"

"Where did he come from?"

"Oh god oh god I don't-"





In short, don't lie to me.





"I don't-"



"Do ya think you're special? That I will let ya live as long as you don't tell me, boyo? You're fucking mistaken. I'll kill ya. ("Please no no no") I'll kill you and then I'll go and I'll get your partner ("NO! Not Mark! Stay awa-"). Maybe just maybe I'll kill your family just for the inconvenience. Like that, boyo? Yeah, that shut you up real good." 

I don't like it.

"Please please please Chief told us to. We were just following orders."

"Your Chief is fucking stupid."

"We had to do someth-"









"...You were lied to. Enabled. Suicide mission."


"He fed ya what ya wanted, boyo. That agent don't know Gallows, or he does know Gallows and don't give a fuck about you."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"I'm saying, boyo... You're a pawn. Expendable."

"No no no he promised... You said if I talked too..."

"Ya see I got this habit called lying. Nasty thing."

"...You're going to kill me, aren't you?"

"Like ya never been killed before, boyo."


Yet I lie anyways. :)
Made a nice little recording at least~

Looks like I gotta pluck me some more coppers. Give em a nice visit soon. Maybe see who this agent is. See who's fixing my broken toys.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Coppers what ya gonna do? What you gonna doooooo?
I got your boy all bound up. He looking mighty purrrtty. Graves dug him a nice hole in the ground, beat him senseless and woke him back up. Looks like a rookie now, like it's his first day on the job and there was a shoot out. HEH!!

Threw him in a coffin and buried him alive for a bit. Kicked back in the morgue and used the radio to question the boyo. So feisty. Went a few rounds of suffocating him in the box and smacking him about before he fell outta angry and just sobbed for hours instead. I lol'd lots, that's the right term right? ;)
He'll wise up soon. Ain't got no choice but to see it's real. Cut off his trigger finger on both hands. Ain't gonna be a cop no more, got nothing else going for him. Now it's either he lives or he dies, eheheh!

Gonna sit here and watch the boyo on the cam. Got a few hours before we gotta pull him. He be on borrowed time now. Got something to say I see. Hank, why ain't ya saying anything? C'mon now, boyo. Tell me that juicy news ya got~


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Gallows was angry today. He's rarely angry.

He murdered eight people before the police arrived. Gallows laughed until they charged. They ruined his self-proclaimed artwork. That wasn't the trigger to his anger.

They freed the man that was struggling for air where he hung. The noose choking the life out of him.

They freed his victim.

His laughter changed. He wasn't smiling anymore. He slaughtered a handful of officers, clawed his way through to the survivor and stabbed him through the neck. Gallows one constant is that there are never survivors. He grabbed the dying survivor and threw him over the heads of the police force before dodging through the gunfire. He used the dying victim as a shield while he tied a noose around his neck. Gallows flung the rope over the tree branch near the side of the road; I exited from the stillness and grabbed his arm, threw him onto the branch above where he grabbed the rope and leaped down. The victim was dragged upwards and once more he was on the ground. Neck napping he dropped the dead man hanging.

I took Gallows by the arm and we appeared back at the graveyard. He walked towards the door crookedly I noted. Hit the frame of the door before collapsing inside. Blood leaked onto the floor through his skeleton jacket. He pulled himself up and walked to the basement, unzipping his hood and spitting out fresh blood.

I assisted Gallows in tending to the five bullet wounds he gained. He was giving a bloody grin the entire time. Gallows killed all nine targets, bullet wounds mean nothing as long as he succeeds.

He is displeased I've noted. I believe he's interested in why the police have begun to fight back. They were losing hope, begun cleaning up the messes without pursuing. A change has occurred. He is curious.

I should begin digging graves due to this. He shall be committing many more sins. Already I hear him dragging in a new victim himself. Bullet wounds mean nothing for death means nothing to us. His work continues.

Be warned.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


He is always smiling, always. I can see it mask on or mask off. Even within a rage he grins, his eyes gleam, even when angry he is happy. When those lips fall into anything less than a half smile, even the faintest kind, that is when you know you will not be walking away. Be you dead or suffer some sort of major loss. Should you ever see him without his lips turned upwards there is no reason to try further. No reason to change what is to come, you should just await the inevitable.

I've seen this for years now. Hollow and empty. Hollow. Not mindless, notallofus. We feel nothing. For you, for them, for ourselves. Death means nothing, not to us. Not to us. Nottome.

Gallows is the inevitable end, I am but the gravedigger that buries all his sins.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trespassers no more!

Graves pulled the vault door open and I got a good looksie at who dared to trespass on MY property. Softies. All horrified and all that. Pretty emotions.

They were all chained by the ankles to the wall in nothing but their unmentionables. The two boyos were angry while the girlie was huddled in a ball trying to keep covered. Rusty laugh gave way, couldn't help it. With a skip to my step I went over to the skinny boyo and pulled him to his feet by his wrist. Yanking from further from the wall and spinning him round. I asked his name he complied saying Grant. I dropped him and slid to the second boyo, hostile kid who barked out Albert after a moments wait. Guess he didn't wanna be touched, heh.
I smiled under the skull hood and turned to the girlie. Shuddering away against the wall like a lamb awaiting the slaughterhouse. I pulled her effortlessly to her feet by the chickie's upper arms. Yanked her out and danced about with the lass, didn't make her feel any better but I sure did! I gave her a spin, ask the girlie her name, got sniffles in return. Spun her round and repeated the question and all I got were choked sobs. Girlie wasn't playing nice at all, no no no. Held her close and danced with her a bit, don't ladies like comfort and being held? Eheheh!! Finally she looked over her shoulder and said Jamie.
I smiled under the mask and pulled away, holding her tiny hand and walking her forward. The chain reached its limit and I tugged her arm roughly, yanking her off the ground and dropping that pretty face against the vaults floor. EHEHEHEH!!! She rolled weeping pathetically and the boyos yelled and tried to reach her to comfort but what could they do on those leashes? Chipped a front tooth that she did, a bruise already forming on her forehead and jaw.

Do ya'll know what molten silver does to a persons insides? :)
That chubby little shit had it coming. Brought him to the Draining Room and chained him down on his knees. Chains his arms behind his back and to the hook on the floor. Graves had to whack him to loosen up that jaw of his. She's a strong lass, took one hit to the side of his face and he was rendered stunned. She opened up his mouth and I shoved in the funnel. His gasps and chokes were music to my ears, better than porn. Took Grave's hand and did a little spin under her arm on my way to grab the silver.
Down the hatch it went and he writhed like a fish outta water! Steam came out from the top and the bottom. So much steam inflates and ruptures organs, y'know. Heat kills the lungs. He suffocated by all the airways being blocked too~
Opened him up and pulled out the hardened silver chunk. Grounded up the useless bits of him that were left. :)

Chickie I danced with into the morgue where some other bits and pieces of previous dead bodies were decorating the place. I like my office to look nice. She screamed and tried to run but I pulled her on back by that stringy hair and threw her on the table. Lively thing that she was! We cut her open real good. Got out them organs. Popped out her eyes, sliced open that meat suit and removed her skeleton bit by bit. Pulled the teeth and grounded em up. Let Graves put that in her drink later, eheheh!
Bleaching her skeleton now. Cut up her meat into nice looking pieces, brought it to one of the homeless shelters. They'll be eating good for a few nights!

The skinny boy I laid down with barbed wire around his neck. Rolled him up in it as a matter of fact, that I did! Graves carried him out to one of the big ass trees near the house. Got him up there and stood on a higher branch. Secured the barbed wire around it and then kicked him off. Man did he unravel! Tumbled through the air screaming till the wire ran out. Snapped his neck as the barbed wire dug in and blood seeped onto his swaying corpse.
Gonna let the birds pick at him. Let the meat fall away then I'll have a nice look skeleton. :)

I know ya missed me kiddies. I won't stay away from ya'll too long like that again.

Who do ya think I should snatch tonight? Male or female? Adult, teenager, child?? Suggestions or should I just go for who looks the most delicious? EHEHEH!!

Feeling hungry. Think Graves is too. Should harvest some more, maybe we'll pick up more than one tonight. Maybe I'll let Graves start posting if she's got something to say. Maybe not. Feeling generous tonight, we'll see. Could just mean I want to fuck something till it's good and dead. Ya know how boys are. ;)

Till the next post~


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lookie here!

Lookie here at all em little sacks of meat! Glad I joined this here site, yes yes yes.

Look at all of you. All for HIM. I like this, ya'll coming here to put up your sob stories or try and help other folks which turns into a sob story... just wonderful! Even better ya'll are mingling together. Some making babies too in these times. Even better! Nothing like a good fuck and if spawn gives way that just means you've got a distraction to throw, eheheh!
Didn't know what to expect popping up here. Glad I did. Ya'll don't know jack shit about me but I've been peeping a few days now. With only harvesting to do there ain't much else I need to spend time on but reading your pity parties.
Not much to tell on my own cause it ain't no pity party. Fun kinda party with intestines for streamers and ground up brain matter for confetti. Been some years now y'know. Ain't some fresh meat off the track. Oh no, that faceless fuck came round long time ago. Graves? Graves is just a different sorta tale.
Seen some folks calling him Father. I got a dear dead daddy, don't fancy another. He ain't much to me really. I get to have fun, spread fires. He likes it that's good enough for me. If he didn't I guess I'd have to kill him like dear dead mommy. Or die trying. :)

Death means nothing.
Not to us.

Gonna start popping onto your radars publicly now kiddies. Say hi to ya'll. We are going to have so much fun.


Oh lookie! It's night time now. Gonna go check the vault, see how the trespassers are doing. ;)



Trespassers on MY property? MINE? I did not invite the runts and Graves would be stupid to have done so without my consent. Seeing how she's not stupid I'm going to believe her, bruising her throat and taking that look in her eyes told me enough.

Kids these days are supposed to be lazy little shits. Why the fuck are thrill seekers traveling miles out here? Sacks of meat. Caught the three of em. Two boys and a chickie. Can you say love triangle? Like a bad romance novel I bet ya, heh.
Graves got the little chickie in the stomach with the shovel, the handle in her gut before she spun it around and whacked her across the face. Knocked the girlie out cold! Stabbed one of the boyos in the leg with the shovel, strong babe cracked his shin. Was on the ground in second and knocked out cold too! The third wheel's head I smacked into a gravestone. Dragged them all inside where it was nice and quiet. Let em scream tonight. Give em something to be scared about alright.

Kiddies are in the vault right now. Not much to do with them at the moment, gonna use some of those ideas later that I've been cooking up. Skinny boy won't be much use. Harvest what I can of him and toss the no good goodies into the bucket for later. Think I'll use his bones for a nice decoration down here. Outta bleach though, gotta make a run to the store. :)


Gangs gangs gangs

There's nothing you can do that I haven't already done to myself.

I told em and they did not listen. No no no they did not listen at all.
Gangs on the street in this small city. They don't seem to take kindly to a man dressed as a skeleton. The dominate sack of meat taunted me, mocked me. He couldn't see the smile, not with the skeleton skull hood. Approaching me isn't the smartest thing to do, y'know. No no no, I approach YOU. The only time you ever approach me is on your hands and knees, begging as you crawl. He needed to learn that. Him and those followers of his. Stepped too close, stabbed him between the ribs which enough force to knock him to the side.
Fallen leader inspires fear in the subordinates, hint hint. Tasty to watch em realize they have no guidance. Such fleeting loyalties, out of seven only two attacked. Graves exited the shadows and gave one of em boys a good whack to the face with her shovel. Stopped the rest of em from running off as we blocked their directions. Didn't help the boyos either when she decapitated the fellow that was on his back like a cheap whore.

You should of seen those expressions. Ripe with fear and confusion. Slit the slut's throats, y'know those girls that whore themselves to the group? Yeah they had a mediocre one, probably riddled with STDs. Had no use for the other fellow's brain so my knife sunk in there. Dropped like a fly. Pulled out another knife. Graves handled subduing the other sacks of meat while I pulled the leader to his feet.
Coughing and wheezing and bleeding all over the place. He spat all the things he'd do to me. Or wished to do to me, I would of considered him retarded had he believed he'd accomplished anything. I dragged the guy to his feet, telling him how a leader should die standing tall. I ordered him to stand tall, every time he tried he crippled over in pain from being stabbed before. I demanded he stand straight. He tried and he tried... So I stabbed him for every half assed standing tall pose he got. I stabbed him until he was on his knees where I wanted him all along.
More coughing and wheezing and by now he was bleeding even more. Pretty sight. He whimpered between the insults he tried to produce. No no no. He was supposed to lose that liveliness. I slapped him and his fear spiked anger like a dog backed into a corner.
There's nothing you can do that I haven't already done to myself.
There's nothing you can do that I haven't already done to myself.
There's nothing you can do that I haven't already done to myself.
What do you think you can do to me, little man? :)
I got him in a headlock then, ya see. Held his jaw open as I cut out his pesky tongue.

Left the disease ridden whore splayed out all pretty with four of the gangs members around her. Could of been an artist I think~
Graves and I dragged two of the bodies back with us to our cozy graveyard house. Was a lively night even if a bit too easy.
Two more bodies harvested. :)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The usual routine

Y'know it's been kinda quiet here. Not cause Graves don't speak, mostly cause there ain't much of a challenge. Surprising a chick with weed cutters don't cut it like it used to. Lopping off a guy's leg and sawing him apart bit by bit has dulled dramatically so. Necessary little things but that's all they are, little things. Big man stopped coming round, gotta find something else to play with.
Graves don't cut it either, fun chick to kill with but there's something about a babe with the same expression that gets boring. It's like fucking a corpse with her, them lying there and taking it ain't as fun as them writhing and screaming. Y'know, necrophiliacs will say otherwise. Fun people, my dad was one after mother met an unfortunate end, heh. Charming as fuck to a dead broad but get a live one in their face and they'll s-s-stutter all the way home!
A HOLLOW little treat she is though, glad I kept her.

I tracked down a pale lass last night. Got bored what can I say? Late night walking, don't they teach chicks anything these days? Wasn't safe in the Ripper days, heh. I sucked her into an alleyway for cliches sake. She screamed not that it did her any good, muffled by my hand and all. Bucked hard enough to make me hit the wall just trying to keep a hold of her.
It's cute y'know, that face they make when ya got em. Chickie pulled free with some kind of woman's self defense. I laugh and I smiled, even charmed her a bit. Get a lady scared though and there ain't no going back. Wide doe eyes and all that. Made the mistake of trying to run and boy that made my job so easy. Grabbed her dark locks and threw that mediocre face into the wall. The sound she made upon collision was perfect~
Just like the thud of her hitting the ground. I grabbed her hair and dragged her around back and boy did she squirm! Her torso got pretty disfigured with all the stabbing. I watched her die not from blood loss but pain being too much to bear. Trust me kiddies I know the difference. ;)
Painted a nice picture ya know. Her laying there in red next to some dumpsters. Back alley trash, heh. Graves stepped outta the fucking shadows like she owned em. That handkerchief covering as much of her face usual. Same dead eyes same everything but can't expect much from a hollow little bitch. Swung that shovel off her shoulder and picked up the body like a good girl. Brought all the way back home and had some fun with the usual necessity rituals.

Fun night all in all. By fun I mean good enough cause that itch just keeps coming back. Gotta scratch it and boy when I do does it feel good.

So good. ;)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gallows-Tree: What I want, what I do

Ho-ho! It's off to work we go!

Hello kiddies and soon to be deceased pests.
Who am I?
You can call me Gallows.
The woman behind me you can call Graves.
What do we do?
I kill people. She buries them... Usually.
Get it?
Got it?

I'll be blunt with you, I got one purpose here and it ain't to serve that bald fuck in a suit. He stopped visiting a while ago, give my man some props for all he's done. Graves would say otherwise if she could talk still, heh. Should see her mouth, so pretty.
Ya'll wondering what's up yet? What our agenda is? Kinda simple really. Gonna see how high the body count can get before I'm the one hanging from the tree. Don't ask how many have fallen yet, the game has just begun. You can tally that score up yourself when we really get started.

Ya'll wanna play with me? Don't matter, I'm coming for ya either way. Gonna see if you taste any different from the folk I pluck off the street. Softies, hoping you guys have some kind of crunch.

See ya soon. ;)