Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trespassers no more!

Graves pulled the vault door open and I got a good looksie at who dared to trespass on MY property. Softies. All horrified and all that. Pretty emotions.

They were all chained by the ankles to the wall in nothing but their unmentionables. The two boyos were angry while the girlie was huddled in a ball trying to keep covered. Rusty laugh gave way, couldn't help it. With a skip to my step I went over to the skinny boyo and pulled him to his feet by his wrist. Yanking from further from the wall and spinning him round. I asked his name he complied saying Grant. I dropped him and slid to the second boyo, hostile kid who barked out Albert after a moments wait. Guess he didn't wanna be touched, heh.
I smiled under the skull hood and turned to the girlie. Shuddering away against the wall like a lamb awaiting the slaughterhouse. I pulled her effortlessly to her feet by the chickie's upper arms. Yanked her out and danced about with the lass, didn't make her feel any better but I sure did! I gave her a spin, ask the girlie her name, got sniffles in return. Spun her round and repeated the question and all I got were choked sobs. Girlie wasn't playing nice at all, no no no. Held her close and danced with her a bit, don't ladies like comfort and being held? Eheheh!! Finally she looked over her shoulder and said Jamie.
I smiled under the mask and pulled away, holding her tiny hand and walking her forward. The chain reached its limit and I tugged her arm roughly, yanking her off the ground and dropping that pretty face against the vaults floor. EHEHEHEH!!! She rolled weeping pathetically and the boyos yelled and tried to reach her to comfort but what could they do on those leashes? Chipped a front tooth that she did, a bruise already forming on her forehead and jaw.

Do ya'll know what molten silver does to a persons insides? :)
That chubby little shit had it coming. Brought him to the Draining Room and chained him down on his knees. Chains his arms behind his back and to the hook on the floor. Graves had to whack him to loosen up that jaw of his. She's a strong lass, took one hit to the side of his face and he was rendered stunned. She opened up his mouth and I shoved in the funnel. His gasps and chokes were music to my ears, better than porn. Took Grave's hand and did a little spin under her arm on my way to grab the silver.
Down the hatch it went and he writhed like a fish outta water! Steam came out from the top and the bottom. So much steam inflates and ruptures organs, y'know. Heat kills the lungs. He suffocated by all the airways being blocked too~
Opened him up and pulled out the hardened silver chunk. Grounded up the useless bits of him that were left. :)

Chickie I danced with into the morgue where some other bits and pieces of previous dead bodies were decorating the place. I like my office to look nice. She screamed and tried to run but I pulled her on back by that stringy hair and threw her on the table. Lively thing that she was! We cut her open real good. Got out them organs. Popped out her eyes, sliced open that meat suit and removed her skeleton bit by bit. Pulled the teeth and grounded em up. Let Graves put that in her drink later, eheheh!
Bleaching her skeleton now. Cut up her meat into nice looking pieces, brought it to one of the homeless shelters. They'll be eating good for a few nights!

The skinny boy I laid down with barbed wire around his neck. Rolled him up in it as a matter of fact, that I did! Graves carried him out to one of the big ass trees near the house. Got him up there and stood on a higher branch. Secured the barbed wire around it and then kicked him off. Man did he unravel! Tumbled through the air screaming till the wire ran out. Snapped his neck as the barbed wire dug in and blood seeped onto his swaying corpse.
Gonna let the birds pick at him. Let the meat fall away then I'll have a nice look skeleton. :)

I know ya missed me kiddies. I won't stay away from ya'll too long like that again.

Who do ya think I should snatch tonight? Male or female? Adult, teenager, child?? Suggestions or should I just go for who looks the most delicious? EHEHEH!!

Feeling hungry. Think Graves is too. Should harvest some more, maybe we'll pick up more than one tonight. Maybe I'll let Graves start posting if she's got something to say. Maybe not. Feeling generous tonight, we'll see. Could just mean I want to fuck something till it's good and dead. Ya know how boys are. ;)

Till the next post~



  1. Well, it was pretty rude of her to scream when you wanted to dance. Haha, anyway.
    Sounds like a uh, eventful night for you two, sounds like you had a blast in your own way. You should let Graves set up her own blog under your account, at least she'd get to say whatever she wants when she feels like it?

  2. Would you like to Dance, Gallows? I'm sure I could fit you into my time card, if you promise to behave. Let's see, suggestions... if you'd like a little fun, you ought to try setting them before a mirror. Let them watch while you cut them open, and trust me, they'll be surprised what their insides really look like.

    I have to say, though, the bit about letting him unravel was creative. I wouldn't have thought you so capable! Surprised I can say these things? Don't be. You'll do these things either way, whether I speak to you about it or not. Might as well have a decent conversation while I'm keeping track of you.

    By the way, good job on being altruistic. At least the kid's death didn't go to waste, some kids got to eat because of it. we rarely give a damn what exactly is in our food, anyway.

    Also? Graves is probably a bit too Hollow to write that coherently, but who knows. Things change.

  3. @oharts Graves don't got much to say. Pretty HOLLOW girl if ya get what I mean. ;)

    Might give her something to do other than just standing around in the corner. Fucking statue she is.

    @Dia Can't behave girlie. Can promise not to bite too hard when I misbehave though. ;)

    Eheheh!! Already used the mirror trick a whore I picked up earlier this year. Kinda like banging a broad in front of one. Gets old after a few goes. Maybe I'll break it out for Halloween time, invite some kiddies to a REAL haunted house.

    Naw girlie, I ain't surprised. Everyone's a killer. Gonna chain Grave's legs to the chair for a day maybe. See what happens if she's left at the computer this week. :)

  4. See now, you're going to make me blush. Everyone has the 'instinct' to kill. There's a large difference between thinking and doing. I wouldn't be surprised if she typed as badly as a Camper in its first stages. Wait, you wouldn't know about those, would you? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

  5. Well, just as well but her in a costume and send her out to scare small children, and bring back people in odd creative ways. Or teach her to break dance everytime you say 'Break-Down' or something.

    At least for the entertainment value. Cant let people just stand around all day and stare at the paint dry.

  6. I meant 'put' man oh man coffee does not help my fingers type I tell you.

  7. @Dia Are you a thinker or a doer, girlie?

    Eheheh. I can read, girlie. I got an accent but I ain't stupid. :)
    I kept Graves for a reason or two, y'know.

  8. Not saying you never did, just that'd it's be more entertaining than having someone zombified staring down the paint chips.

    I had to ask by the way, the accent.. is it welsh?

  9. Could have been better. Was expecting a bit more zing.

  10. Depends on the situation, love. No blood on my hands, though.

    I'd love to know what your accent is, I love to hear them. And Graves? I thought you kept around for the fucking and the extra set of hands.

  11. oharts Eheheh! I like ya, Harts. Ya make me feel all tingly inside. Maybe girlie. Why not find out? ;)

    @Kobalos if I wanted to entertain ya I would have tried. I only want to entertain myself though. That's the only reason why I got this here blog going. :)

    @Dia Love? Ho ho ho am I getting lucky? Heh heh heh! No blood? We should change that. I think ya would look mighty fine in some blood~
    Maybe that will be your next reward, girlie. Graves got a few more useless bits aside from her cunt and her strength. ;)

  12. My reward? My, you are being sweet tonight. Did all that killing put you in a good mood? I have no one to kill, no reason to get blood on my hands to begin with. I'm more the books and knowledge type, I'll leave the rest to you. Lord knows you'll do it anyway.

    By the way, you wanted me to keep writing, and I have. I'm mighty curious as to that information you're dangling over my head like a carrot on string. :)

  13. Damn you, I want to know. I must know :C This will be eating at me forever now.
    And not too tingly I hope, that could be a medical emergency.

  14. I like you Gallows.

    Crazy, but something else. Can't quite place it. Charming? Entertaining?

    Heheh. Kably.

  15. @Dia I am usually in a good mood. A generous mood is rare. Ya should use and abuse it. :)
    Ya need a reason for blood on your hands? Eheh.

    What ya wanna know, sweet thing? Who I know? Connections? What I know about Them? Ask a question, girlie. Keep it simple, it's our first date. ;)

    @oharts a different sorta tingly girlie.
    Maybe I'll whisper it to ya while ya sleep, eheheh!

    @Kobalos You should visit. I like entertaining guests. I might even let ya leave the city. :)
    I think we'd have lots of fun.

  16. Now you're inviting me to abuse you? You really are a sweetheart. Let's see... what do I want to know? I won't ruin the surprise of your "information." And, well, you technically just answered any question I might have had about your knowing about Them.

    I suppose I really will keep it simple. Why do ya say ya like me, love? I hardly know ya, and yet you know how to bait me like you've known me all along. :)

  17. You know where I sleep? Well, even if you do it'd be hard catch me asleep hun, don't so much of that remember? Haha, still though, try if you can.

  18. @Gallows.

    You live in the City? As in The Empty City?

    Holy shit, dude! That's awesome. Yet slightly scary.

    We can play all kinds of games there. Like hide and seek. I am very good at hiding. Or maybe, they just didn't want to play with me and forgot about me. '_'

  19. @Dia I like giving ya want you want. Then not. Am I now? Maaaaybe. ;)
    To answer ya, do I need a reason to like ya? Maybe I like how ya formulate words. Or how ya ain't what ya seem. Maybe I love ya, girlie and love knows no reason! Eheheh!!
    I like ya from what I've seen of ya, what I know of ya, how ya talk and listen. I like ya for looking for answers and being a little murderous angel. :)

    @oharts I can find out. It ain't a hard thing to do. I'm a mighty fine tracker, missus.

    @Kobalos I haven't been there. Big bald fuck don't let me play there anymore. Not since I was a kiddie. No no no. Bad Gallows bad. ;)
    You can come to my city. Come play with me and mine~

  20. Maybe, my left foot. For what ever reason, I'll take it as a good thing. I think. I think you'll spoil me rotten if you keep talking like that. Then where would I be? I wouldn't be any fun anymore. :(

    Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back, love.

  21. The question is then sweet thing, is if you want to find me. Is it worth tracking me down? Will you get the, excitement and thrills that you think you would?

    Truthfully, at least someone is visiting me.

  22. @Dia then you'll be dead. My curiosity not yet satisfied maybe then you'll be brought back? Eheheh!
    Y'know you still got a question hanging on that youtube channel. Told ya I was generous tonight, letting you ask two. ;)

    @oharts ya have to ask that? I put an old lady into traffic. Fun. Tracking ya down? Exciting. Waiting outside till ya finally doze off? Anxious. Slipping through your home? Adrenaline pumping. Crawling over ya while ya sleep for one rare time? Eheheh! I make my thrills, girlie.

  23. Mhmm. I might pull a Cheshire Cat and disappear. Y'know I answered that question, and what help I needed a few hours ago, my dear. You might want to check again It's rather mundane, but... I generally give rewards to the people that help me.

  24. I just got all excited there for a moment, haha. I could see this being the best game of cat and mouse I've ever played.
    And I hate that game :D

  25. If I ever find out where you live, I'm going to hand out the address to every paramilitary group I have contact with. I hope they burn your house to the ground and bulldoze you into Hell you pustulent representative of the low end of the gene pool.

  26. If he were handing out the address, he'd probably be looking to die to begin with.

  27. @Dia eheheh! Posting on your own profile. Didn't check that, chickie. Can help ya there. Can help ya in many ways. ;)

    @oharts ya haven't seen anything yet. Ya sure ya don't wanna be caught, little mouse?

    @Mystery EHEHEH!! WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Girlie you really just made my night. Look at that, bet it took ya a few hours to conjure up, heh! I hope if ya do find me ya do that. I wanna play with em groups. They sound like loads of fun to me. :)
    Can you give out an address that don't exist? Heh heh heh. Can't give out an address that don't exist, girlie. No no no. Time has forgotten our piece of hellish heaven.
    Death means nothing to us.

    Haters gonna hate is what that meme says, yes yes yes?

  28. Sorry for the confusion, love. If you were to give me a way to get ahold of you besides commenting on various profiles, it might not happen again. ;) How else can you help me? I'm 'dying' to know.

  29. Hiding is exciting, never know when you'll be found. Running and hiding is what I do best, but isn't the point of hiding to be found eventually?

    I wouldn't be hiding if I wanted to stay away from everything, then I'd just disappear.

  30. @Dia if you wanna know I can send ya some details. Though your body probably won't be all that thankful. Eheheh!
    Ya asking to contact me privately huh? Or something else? I ain't got all that stuff kiddies use now a days. Just this and that page and that email thing. Learning bit by bit. Ain't hiding it though. Be a smartie and get the page for it like a good lass. ;)

    @oharts Can't disappear now, girlie. Always watching. :)
    I see ya like being scared don't ya?

  31. Have a close eye on me now? Haha, lets see if you can keep it close enough hun, hopefully I won't just slip away like a puff of smoke.

    Can't help it if I do, I like alot of things, most of them hurt or scare me, but excite me all the same. I just like to have fun my friend.

  32. Oooh, I like that. Lass. It reminds me of the old days. Just for that, I'll actually find the damn thing.

  33. I have the perfect place to hide.

    It's in SPACE!

  34. Kobalos, you know just how to make me smile. I definitely hope you and your friends don't die now.

  35. :D Hehe, Kobalos, your just the cutest. Make sure to have a space suit! AND YOUR CAPE!

  36. Feh, hours... If not for computer issues beyond my control, I'd have posted a comment long ago already.

    As for addresses, those kids found you. Others can too, and if there is no longer a legitimate address, there is still longitude and latitude.

  37. If I die, I can always come back as a ghost. Then the ghostbusters will get me. 0o. But it will be awesome. With their theme and me floating around everywhere, demanding candy.

    Yet, I'll come back as ZOMBIE GOAST.

  38. Excellent point, Mystery. Though, it would seem that those kids were trying to go into a cemetery on a dare, and mostly stumbled upon him. I'd have run as fast as I could if I saw a figure like Graves or Gallows in a cemetery, but... I guess they weren't the most intelligent of thrill seekers.

  39. @Mystery bingo there girlie. Not saying I can't be found ya just gotta know how to find me. I found out they found me. Yes yes yes I did.

    @oharts ain't ya the cutest thing~

    @Kobalos what I said to Harts applies to ya.

    @Dia they never had a chance! Eheheh!! They looked and laughed and I laughed back!

  40. I found ya, Gallows. You wouldn't want to keep a lady waiting would ya?

    Did you enjoy scaring them? Did you pretend you were just another fool, or did you take all the fun out of it and scare them right off? It's no fun if you don't get the chance to let them play or run. Though, if they're too stupid to recognize danger, they're probably too dangerous to run the fuck away.

  41. I try Gallows, I try haha ;) Cuter when I'm scared though, or so I've been told.

  42. @Dia Naw never. Maybe a little~

    Yes. Oh they mocked from from afar, girlie. Laughed saying this wasn't Halloween. I laughed and smiled though they couldn't see it. Played with mocks back and forth till I was only feet from em. Then Graves whacked the first one down. Sound of a shovel hitting a skull~

    @oharts can't wait to see that. Precious face all contorted in fear. Oh looksie the tingling is back~

  43. You're incorrigible.

    Darwinism at work, my dear. I'd love to see Graves put some passion into her work. I don't think being Hollow has to be permanent.... as long as you find a reason to have a personality. One day, you'll probably get bored enough to try to force her into it.

  44. @Dia eheheh!! I did that when we first met. ;)
    Tortured her and all that fun stuff to find a reaction. Ho ho ho~ kept her for a reason.

  45. Bet that reason was full of fun, sweaty things. And the occasional kidnapping/body rob.

  46. @oharts if ya wanna talk about the bonuses yeah. ;)

  47. Bonuses are always nice :D So are promotions.
    Means your doing a good job.

  48. @oharts don't need anyone telling me I'm good at my job. This isn't for them. It's for me. You are all the bonuses I get yearly. :)

  49. Drawing attention to yourself already, Gallows? Like the little attention whore your mother surely was, hm? It's pests like you that give Him a bad name; but we all can't live up to His ways now can we? Some devils are just made to create chaos. You are doing your job quite well, pet. Keep them entertained a while.

  50. @Executor eheheh!! Thank ya you flatter me with your insults and itty bitty praise. ;)

  51. I'm slightly worried here.

    How did i "bring this on myself"?

  52. Like a show on a stage, he entertains while the wolves circle behind us. It's just wonderful how these things happen.

  53. This is a lot of comments.

    Wolves attack while we watch his show.

  54. Maybe it will serve as a hint for him to post more often?

    I think we already know these wolves.

  55. @An Anonymous Fox meeting me. :)

    I unleashed the wolves. ;)
    Ya want me kill people more often to write about? Ya'll call me sick, eheheh!!

  56. @Gallows. No. Why don't you just write about your day. Like, um, shopping for clothes, going to a theme park. Seeing a play or a movie. Buying a cd. Whatever!

    Running out of ideas.

  57. Kobalos, I wish you wrote more often, actually. You don't normally write about the sick shit that Gallows does. Normally.

    Gallows, I really don't doubt it. Have you tried going a day without slaughtering the innocent? I'd love to see you try.

  58. @Kobalos I don't shop. No theme parks all the way out here, boyo. I kill people in the theater. Music is what the computer is for. ;)

    @Dia I have gone many days without slaughtering. It all depends on how much I harvest, girlie. :)

  59. Such an interesting case..You kill for what, fun?
    How sickening.

  60. @Zia I kill to harvest, girlie. Sometimes I kill cause I just wanna, cause I'm bored, cause I can. Can't help it if it's fun.
    The itch must be scratched. ;)

  61. @Kobalos He could always try going to the Land of Make Believe. I'm sure he'd have fun there. ;)

  62. Ooo, the Land of Make Believe seems like a fun idea.

    Also, I think a chat-box would rock, considering how much comments this dude has.

  63. Oh hai, you have a good point.

    I have an idea, you can always come talk to me on MY blog. I won't mind the extra comments. ;)

  64. Gallows and Graves: Might I suggest you take some authority to silence the pests from spawning on your posts? The things wish to use your place of intrigue as a chatroom rather than keeping to relevant matters.

  65. Ooh look, more dry wit. I already attempted to fix this problem, thank you, Executor. If the psychotic little pixie, I mean, Proxy would update more often, this would also be less likely to happen. I've already invited casual conversation to get off of his page and come to mine if it offends him. You're the one that isn't bothering to do your homework this time, dear.

  66. @Executor eheheh! Don't care if they wanna comment. If they wanna talk to one another they got other hangouts to crash. :)

    @Dia ya'll be a good girl to mister Executor. Don't think he saying he didn't do no homework, think he's saying to override your invite chickie. Listen to his suggestion over yours, eheheh!! ;)
    I update what I wanna, girlie. I ain't got no schedule. I update when I feel like posting about a death or ten. This ain't no job for me to be on time for ya see, lass. Ya'll can comment here if ya keep banter between yourselves to a minimal. ;)

  67. Fine, Gallows. I'll leave ya be, and I'll speak to the Executor as he speaks to me. I know my manners.

  68. How many fucking weirdo's exist on here?!!!


  69. @Dia I know ya are a smartie girlie. I know ya know that's not what I meant. :)

    @An Anonymous Fox many ;)

  70. Oh fine! You caught me. I'll swear to be less likely to say irrelevant comments on your work. Is that better, love?