Thursday, April 5, 2012

East coast

Gallows insisted we stop at Dia's home on our travels across the East Coast. He had said it would be a good rest stop, even he is not so moronic to believe such things. It is one of the worst places, not because of the town but the Fears and our previous employer swim around the location. I am not so easily fooled, he wished to wait and see if his Dia would return. Over the course of a few days he realized she would not.

My companion found the letters he had sent her, unopened and layered in dust already. On the third day he visited her bedroom and lifted the sheet that covered the heart on the wall made in blood. It was missing, cut out from its very spot.

Gallows turned to me and his eyes smiled. No words were needed, he twirled his scythe and left the house with a skip to his step.

We continued moving along the East Coast and had a run in with the persistent ex officer. LeCroix fired a bullet aimed for Gallows' forehead, my shovel managed to deflect it. This woman is taxing, I teleport to her position and deliver blows that would cripple a man. LeCroix wills herself to stand and pushes human boundaries by adapting to my teleportation. I cannot repeat my attacks, she memorizes them on the first go and is able to counter alarmingly well. LeCroix's endurance is something her enemies should be wary of, not the wild look in her amber eyes.

There are only a few I've found capable of enduring myself in combat. I do not say that arrogantly but out of experience. My bones do not break as easily as Gallows. Neither do hers. I was forced to dislocate her shoulder, pin her beneath my boot, and knock her unconscious to cease her attacking. That was only after we were locked in combat for nearly ten minutes, neither of us to the point of exhaustion. It had to end before fatigue even began. Even her human head could not hand a blow from my shovel.

Gallows does not understand the severity of the situation when it comes to the ex officer. She has slain our fellow proxies that chase us, ones we miss. It isn't a simple lucky streak. He does not understand she's trained in combat to the fullest extent. On numerous accounts she should have been within the hospital, instead she stitches herself back together and continues pursuing us.

I have not allowed this woman to get close enough to Gallows, despite his displeasure. She would surely break a bone or two and we cannot afford that. I have taken a number of bullets from this one. My companion may not acknowledge her as such but the truth of the matter is she is a threat.

Onto another threat, Mister Creevey. The amount of emails we have received is alarming. It is similar to a poltergeist growing progressively more aggressive. I informed Gallows being on the East Coast is a poor idea. We know he is coming for Josie, who is still present with Shady in New Jersey. We are too close for comfort to the region at the moment. He continues not to care or listen to my logic and insists he knows what he is doing.

We have come to a city which will remain anonymous. It has been quiet here so far, a few occasional proxies but not as many as before. LeCroix has yet to be able to find us. This city is large and neighbors a few others as well as some towns. It is a good place to seek cover for the moment, but I do not trust us within such close distance to that girl.

It seems from Shady's post she has begun receiving messages from Mister Creevey, after refusing to relinquish her hold on Josie. The girl apparently is also receiving emails in a similar fashion to us. Their odds are not good, I expect a gory demise.

Gallows has been going out on his own, not just for food either. I cannot leave for obvious reasons, a disguise doesn't help when one's face is scarred beyond repair. I remain in this vacant location patiently or follow from a distance. He met a woman and began talking to her casually. It is a curious situation in regards to the woman, he has yet to kill her. I am assuming he needs a distraction beyond murder while we are taking refuge here. He has continued to cross her path, both accidentally and on purpose since we have arrived.

I have taken out any proxies in the vicinity to him, otherwise we remain illusive to them to not give away our position. The sooner we return to our blackened city, the better.