Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sanctuary, eh???

Well howdy doody~
Been sitting on a bus in town all along while ya been pissing and moaning away on that fancy new blog of yours, girlie. Graves and I hopped right off and came straight on over and funny enough place seemed pretty dang quiet. Found some bloody bits on your porch. Girl, don't ya know to clean up after yourself? Shame on ya.

Too many birds but I'm kinda used to em'. Ya know, growing up where I did they kinda come with the land. I didn't have food for em' on hand so I kinda scattered some stuff around the kitchen, hope ya don't mind. Really should take care of those birds better, real useful critters.

There's a bit of a tingle that comes with your land but I don't know shit about magical girls so I didn't really pay any mind. Told little Graves to hang tight outside, that's me just tryin' to be polite. It ain't hard breaking into a house that isn't even locked, girlie you slacking away now ain't ya? I'm real curious on that bloodbath, real curious to see what ya got up to since our little fight in them comments. Shit looks pretty fresh. What have ya been doing?

Ya got this old shit everywhere. Relics, I think ya called them? People like you and her and those other assholes. I made sure not to break anything, took real good care for once in my life. Big ass tv for all your soap opera needs, shit all over your kitchen. Cleaned that up a bit when I went to feed your birds out. So neglectful. Your place looks way worse than mine and that's saying a lot, babe. The main level ain't hiding any secrets from me so I went ahead on up that hidden little drop ladder to get a looksie. Figured ya aren't the type to run off still, just lazily hide cause deep down I know how much ya like to be found by me.

See you're still a clutter bug. Got that dark blue theme going, still a bunch of posters and journals all over. I preferred the red but EH, I'll make do. Papers everywhere. Do I need to don an apron and clean up the place? Well I did, minus the apron. Ya had laundry everywhere, as if you ain't got enough of it. Shit be stacked in that closet, babe. I know ya like your fashion but damn girl, gotta cycle through and keep your stuff fresh. So yeah, I tidied up after you - hope ya don't mind, whatcha get for not waking up to my charming self.

Funny thing is the closer I got the more I realized this ain't my girl at all. Pretty one nonetheless, all wrapped in a sheet with nothin' on underneath. I know. I peeked. Hair color wrong, markings all wrong - hell, body is all wrong. Ain't my girl but she looks pretty dang close. Found she ain't some heavy sleeper, either. Coincidence? I think not. Girl wasn't even breathing. No heart beat, no nothin'. Girl was deader than you, Graves.

Kept peeking around. Rearranged some candles out of order, folded up her laundry and put it into the wannabe hamper she has going on while I took a good minute to think about it. This ain't my babe but might be attached to my babe in some way, therefore it was worth a little bit of care. And after all that I caught sight of a fun little wall hanging, some unintentional artistic shit that really revved my engine. Lots of pictures, lots of Dia with all kinds of shapes and colors from all kinds of places. Strings from here to there, all really confusing as fuck. I gotta wonder now is this whatcha meant on timelines? Versions? Cause I sure as shit never heard of none of this. Babe, what kinda secrets you been keeping from this pretty face?

I found you though. The one. Right at the center, like a heart beat. The black hair, the piercings, the tattoos and that hot but snotty expression. Picture is old, definitely from before I had to make an exit but it's definitely my girl.

It ain't far off from a picture of me and her together that's sitting nearby a stack of scrapbooks and photo albums and a hell of a lot more papers. I took some time to read through whatever I could before calling it. Grabbed a trash bag and shoved everything that seemed to be of value inside. Girlie, ya got a lot of explaining to do~

If that ain't enough I heard the door open up, some guy came poking his head up through the opening to this... Lilith? Lilith's room. Hope ya don't mind, I had nothin' but the most pleasant intentions as I jumped him back down to the previous level. Introduced himself as Thomas as I dragged the fella out, said he was the guard to this place. Pretty shitty one if ya ask me.  Guy seemed pretty surprised I was able to enter, things kinda clicked into place then why I felt all tingly. I forgot that shit kinda exists around you magical girl types.

Well good news is I got myself a tour guide. Thomas says hi. He's tellin' me a good bit of information in exchange for gettin' to go back to guard duty. Underland, ya said ol' Jacko? Well I guess I found myself a free ticket straight to ya. ;)




Listen I ain't dead. Neither is Graves but she's being a royal cunt right about now. Been on the road, again. Singing some songs, getting into some crashes.  HIGH SPEED CHASES! Eheheheh it's all good stuffs.

Main thing about this is I'm a headin' on my way to meet up with some hot babe that's losing her mind. SOOO like the hero bf I am I'm gonna cure her of insanity with my charming personality, experienced hands and dick and hopefully this little intermission is just that.

Yeah I bet ya wanna know what's been up but listen you nosy fuckers, you ain't gotta know shit until I say. So fuck off.

I'll be back asap.
ILU ya fuckin animals <3

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I found something neat!

I'M SO BORED. I was lookin' all over the net for fun stuff. I've found this neat site named Tumbles. It doesn't give a fuck about stepping on peoples toes. It ain't trying to be nice or hide the sex and gore of life. I LIKE IT!

So I decided to stay.

I ain't leaving here, boyos. I've got too much to do. It's a mean for shits and giggles. Just so I'm not BORED. I've been having fun leaving these things called Asks to people, too! This place is a keeper, kiddies. Have fun~ ;)

Monday, July 23, 2012


EHEHEHEHEH!!! I've done it. I've settled down. No it ain't with a wifey and kiddos yet, boys and gals. No fucking way! Got a place though. We settled for this run down, abandoned apartment. I got levels upon levels all for ME. AND MY GUESTS!

Now I'm bored. No running around or nothin. Just that chickie whose got her own life. Gotta fix that I think. What's a life, man? ;)

Josie opted for staying but we threw her into a motel some odd blocks away. Keeping her distant from our love shack. Ain't got no need for em coppers!

Saw a druggie earlier and followed him to the rest of his boyos and hoes. Hoes is the proper term, yeah? YEAH. Torn em to ribbons, let the boyo run off drugged off his arse. I had stuff to do, like pouring all that cocaine down one of the girlie's throats. Gotta make sure it stays down there, ya know. Had to stick my hand in as far as I could. Her reaction was PRICELESS! By reaction I mean the way she flailed and spasmed. ;)
That boyo I chased down, he didn't think it was a good idea to go into a crowd. Dumb fuck! Stuck in an alley with nowhere else to go. What can ya do? Kids just don't make it fun no more. There's no challenge. Got him from behind with a knife from one of the other DEAD boyos. Wedged it up under his ribs into that sweet sweeeeet spot. Boy did he squeal like the pig he is!!! I hugged him close and listened to every cry and breath until it all came to a stop. Threw him aside cause druggies don't provide the best meat to harvest. This was all just loads of fun!!

Bored bored bored. I don't like staying in this place. I like the farmhouse. Falling apart just so prettily! Got a torture space and a legit harvesting room. I even had a draining room! Oh this is madness. Eheheheheh!!!! MADNESS! HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS? IT'S SO BORING!
Killed a tourist recently and been playing with their camera. I think I got an idea to liven things up, boyos. :)
Got nothin better to do but write out that other stuff. Ain't got much of the attention span. Graves will do the boring stuff. Save me from wasting time.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I knew I forgot somebody~ ;) <3

As the smoke rises

Why is it titled that? Cause we were blown up. Kinda not really but sort of survived an explosive house. Eheheheheh!!! We've done lotsa things while we were gone, little sheep. That house was one of the first things, ya know. It tried to kill us in EVERY FUCKING ROOM! I liked it. Shame the place went up in smoke. That gets its own post soon! ;)

It was because of that place I've gotten into some toe tapping jams. Graves ain't too keen on me blasting away some tunes but fuck her like I always do. I DO WHAT I WANT. Got blown up and it gave me a craaaaving for some bbq. Nice and crispy. Took out a family and harvested them up. Ever had fried baby? Did ya know ya can use their little skulls as a baseball? It's true and fun! The more ya know, eheheh!!

I just go my way,
Living everyday!
I don't worry!
Worrying don't agree,
Things that bother you,
Never bother me!

Some bitch called the cops on me. By bitch I mean LeCroix and by cops I mean a swat team and by a swat team I mean a dead swat team. Mista Creevey paid her a visit and I laughed and laughed until he said hi to us. Then I sliced and diced and Graves teleported to another city. Twas fun while it lasted, eheheh. Haven't seen him again since. Close encounter though with mista freaky. Came back to where we've been bunking for the last few months. I've met a fine little lass who ain't got a clue of who I am but I know her all too well. We're having lotsa fun. Maybe I'll propose. HA!! Gotta take out the trash before I can do that though. ;)

Josie showed up a bit ago too. Did I forget to mention that? Couple of weeks after Mista Creevey. Little bitch grew up a bit, I was gonna stab her on sight but then thought no no no, this is too rich. That's an easy death. I think I wanna explore her fears. Nothin like having a meat shield when Mista Creevey comes walking over. Her screaming and crying will help me think and be a nice little bonus!

Don't ya worry, ya impatient fucks. I'm gonna give it to you all real good. All this stuff I mentioned is getting its own little individual posts. I promise. I'm just a bit short on time now, ya see. I got me a fine date. I sharpened my scythe just for it too! I wonder if she can handle this big boy, eheheheh!!! I miss talking to yous guys about murder. Gonna have to start that up again. :D


Thursday, April 5, 2012

East coast

Gallows insisted we stop at Dia's home on our travels across the East Coast. He had said it would be a good rest stop, even he is not so moronic to believe such things. It is one of the worst places, not because of the town but the Fears and our previous employer swim around the location. I am not so easily fooled, he wished to wait and see if his Dia would return. Over the course of a few days he realized she would not.

My companion found the letters he had sent her, unopened and layered in dust already. On the third day he visited her bedroom and lifted the sheet that covered the heart on the wall made in blood. It was missing, cut out from its very spot.

Gallows turned to me and his eyes smiled. No words were needed, he twirled his scythe and left the house with a skip to his step.

We continued moving along the East Coast and had a run in with the persistent ex officer. LeCroix fired a bullet aimed for Gallows' forehead, my shovel managed to deflect it. This woman is taxing, I teleport to her position and deliver blows that would cripple a man. LeCroix wills herself to stand and pushes human boundaries by adapting to my teleportation. I cannot repeat my attacks, she memorizes them on the first go and is able to counter alarmingly well. LeCroix's endurance is something her enemies should be wary of, not the wild look in her amber eyes.

There are only a few I've found capable of enduring myself in combat. I do not say that arrogantly but out of experience. My bones do not break as easily as Gallows. Neither do hers. I was forced to dislocate her shoulder, pin her beneath my boot, and knock her unconscious to cease her attacking. That was only after we were locked in combat for nearly ten minutes, neither of us to the point of exhaustion. It had to end before fatigue even began. Even her human head could not hand a blow from my shovel.

Gallows does not understand the severity of the situation when it comes to the ex officer. She has slain our fellow proxies that chase us, ones we miss. It isn't a simple lucky streak. He does not understand she's trained in combat to the fullest extent. On numerous accounts she should have been within the hospital, instead she stitches herself back together and continues pursuing us.

I have not allowed this woman to get close enough to Gallows, despite his displeasure. She would surely break a bone or two and we cannot afford that. I have taken a number of bullets from this one. My companion may not acknowledge her as such but the truth of the matter is she is a threat.

Onto another threat, Mister Creevey. The amount of emails we have received is alarming. It is similar to a poltergeist growing progressively more aggressive. I informed Gallows being on the East Coast is a poor idea. We know he is coming for Josie, who is still present with Shady in New Jersey. We are too close for comfort to the region at the moment. He continues not to care or listen to my logic and insists he knows what he is doing.

We have come to a city which will remain anonymous. It has been quiet here so far, a few occasional proxies but not as many as before. LeCroix has yet to be able to find us. This city is large and neighbors a few others as well as some towns. It is a good place to seek cover for the moment, but I do not trust us within such close distance to that girl.

It seems from Shady's post she has begun receiving messages from Mister Creevey, after refusing to relinquish her hold on Josie. The girl apparently is also receiving emails in a similar fashion to us. Their odds are not good, I expect a gory demise.

Gallows has been going out on his own, not just for food either. I cannot leave for obvious reasons, a disguise doesn't help when one's face is scarred beyond repair. I remain in this vacant location patiently or follow from a distance. He met a woman and began talking to her casually. It is a curious situation in regards to the woman, he has yet to kill her. I am assuming he needs a distraction beyond murder while we are taking refuge here. He has continued to cross her path, both accidentally and on purpose since we have arrived.

I have taken out any proxies in the vicinity to him, otherwise we remain illusive to them to not give away our position. The sooner we return to our blackened city, the better.