Monday, March 19, 2012

Skipping across the country!

Got a nice surprise, a lady really wants me. DEAD. EHEHEHEH!!! LeCroix is one meaaaaaan bitch. Knows how to pull a trigger. Graves nearly let a shot pass on by her, almost got me a ticket straight to hell! I hate this girl but she's so much fun. She's so mad at me, eheheh! Guess she really loved that uncle of hers. Don't she know that she can still love him? All she has to do it stitch him up, he'll be whole again.

I tried to tell her that and she shot me. Hehehe, set Graves off that it did, dumb bitch. Couldn't match teleportation cause she can't teleport! Scary thing though kiddies, this chick is strong. Caught Graves' shovel and fought her for it. Got it and even cracked Graves in the head with it, eheheheh!!! Knocked that hankie right off her face. LeCroix was on her back a second later, unconscious with a sprained arm and almost a broken neck. ;)

If looks could kill, am I right or am I right? Graves ain't amused by this one. Don't like the girlie one bit. I guess she just isn't used to having a challenge. How can some chick bring her a challenge, I don't know. It's fun, they fight mercilessly when LeCroix catches up.

Uh oh, bitch. You're a bit behind now. Last one beat ya down a bit, huh? Hurry the fuck up! FIND ME FIND ME FIND ME! I ain't done with ya yet. Eheheheheheh!!!

How are y'all? Good? GOODIE! I don't give a fuck! How many people died since I last was here? A lot? I HOPE SO! Dia ran off, boo. Gotta find her sometime, our last visit was so much fun~
JOSIE! Giiiiirl, you know you can't hide there forever. I got a nice letter from Mister Creevey, don't think he's in the city no more. Guess who is number one on the list? YOU. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, YOU'RE GONNA DIE! With that Lady of yours too, hehehehe. ALL HER PEOPLE. Ahhh~
Graves doesn't like me mentioning it. Thinks it's not a good thing. It's a GREAT thing if you all get killed, she's the crazy one.

We've been running still, no idea where we are. Some place named Texas, it's really hot. I like it. Found a pretty girl, cut her open and took something precious. Peeled her skin off, she looks a lot prettier now. Dia would look pretty like this. HELL, she's pretty already! :)
Some people are missing from Texas, Graves mentioned I shouldn't leave things out in the open. LeCroix and Mister Creevey will hunt us all the faster. Such a bore she is, doesn't get that's the thrill of it!

Oh well. We ended up in this wide open space under the sun. Desert terrain, weren't a lotta cars around. Hot as hell though, cooked some of the flesh and organs I harvested on the side of the highway in my boxers. That was fun. Pretty nice tan~ eheheheh!! Half of it is sunburn.
Snakes taste good too, found a couple of em and pissed em off. They cook real good. STIR FRY ANYONE?

Graves wants us to keep going west. So I'm gonna make us go east. She ain't happy about it but no fucks are given. Maybe we'll visit a beach, lots of people go to beaches. Never seen an ocean before, wonder how seafood tastes. Ya know, killing people in the sea. EHEHEHEH!!! I'm a riot.