Friday, February 17, 2012



I heard some black guy say that. This world is pretty crazy still though. Eheheheh!!! I LIKE IT! Graves don't trust a damn thing but that ain't any different from normal.

Oh yeah, haven't been around much have I? Eheheheh. I know y'all missed me. How could you not???
Been busy, what can I say? Ain't got access to these computers like I did back home. Hell, those computer stores don't got ones that are even on for internet access! Useless people. Those cafes are useful that have em, we get kicked out before I can even get on here.

Updating you guys wasn't a priority. I'll be nice and run ya through the last couple months.

Fright Night was the best thing!!! TheAdvocate sure knows how to throw a party~ there was lots of blood and fire. He sure knows how to make a guy swoon. Platonically, course. We all know Dia has been winning me over, eheheheh!! Ain't that right baby? Aw yeah, we had us a good time during Fright Night. Mighty fine dancer even when drugged. That was later though, came after watching Josie stumble into EVERY SINGLE TRAP cause she's so clumsy. Ain't that right, girlie? Eheheheh!!! It was so good to see Ferus again, he's a nice guy. ;)
Shady threw a fit. We had a bit of a dance all our selves. Good ole fashion stand off. That made me giddy. Lass didn't even fuckin flinch! Just means I gotta work a little harder.

There was cutting and dancing, innuendo too~ oh don't be shy, Dia. You weren't shy back at the house. She has a nice room. Me and Graves were fortunate enough to force em to let us stay. By em I mean Shady and Josie were with our Dia. Ya know what it's like to be in a house with four women? WONDERFUL! Graves is a servant, Josie cowers if I look at her, Shady tries to stab me, and the love of my life does everything and more!! Y'all know what I mean there. ;)

We did the horizontal monster mash, gave her some nice little marks to remember me by. <3
Course Ferus had to come by the next day and ruin it. Come on, man. I was just telling ya how happy I was and ya gotta get all serious. No fun~ eheheheh who am I kidding? That was loads of fun! No hard feelings there, boyo. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Gotta give ya props, Graves came back without a scratch. Dunno what happened but glad it ain't bad. OR AM I? COME ON, A LITTLE FUCKIN BRUTALITY WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT. Did more damage to the house. Eheheheh no complainants though, boyo.

Blew up a chunk of Dia's town, eheheh. That was fun. Killed a chief of police and a bunch of his officers. Here's the kicker, his niece is now chasing us. She gets pretty close before we slip away. Chick's name is LeCroix, don't think she knows about this blog stuff yet. EHEHEH!!!!! SHE'S SO MAD. "Oh you killed my uncle! BOO HOO!!!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Fuck her.

Gonna see how far she's willing to go. :)

Been running since Dia's. The bald fucker keeps popping up, trying to kill us. Graves says it's because we left our jurisdiction. Shit on that, I say. Running from my boss, his bitches, Mister Creevey says he's going to leave to come out here and play. IT'S SO ANNOYING AND FUN. I CAN'T DECIDE WHICH I FEEL MORE STRONGLY. Killed so many bitches it ain't even funny. Wait, course it is! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

We've been hopping around to say the least. Dunno where to go in the world, just keep switching towns and cities. Got nowhere to go. Least the grub is good. So many people to eat. I got my handy cooler here and I love the thing. Mighty fine use of science right here!!

Dia, will you ever be able to forgive me? Ah, hell who am I kidding? Burning down a lot of your town was FUN! I'll bring flowers. Girlies like flowers, ya? We'll have a date. I'll take ya out and we can catch us a live one for dinner. I'll show ya how to gut and harvest long pig, babe. Cooking it just right too and all that fun stuff. We'll have a good time. <3

I find it easier to kill everyone in these cafes or stores to use the computer. Beats getting yelled at. "You can't bring that thing in here!" one chick said pointing at my scythe. I laughed at her stupidity for trying to tell ME what to do. Cut her in two, Graves locked the door and shut the blinds. We had a murder party. I pretended to ice skate across the bloody floors, it was really fun~

Well we can hear the sirens coming now. Gotta run. Till next time! ;)