Monday, July 23, 2012


EHEHEHEHEH!!! I've done it. I've settled down. No it ain't with a wifey and kiddos yet, boys and gals. No fucking way! Got a place though. We settled for this run down, abandoned apartment. I got levels upon levels all for ME. AND MY GUESTS!

Now I'm bored. No running around or nothin. Just that chickie whose got her own life. Gotta fix that I think. What's a life, man? ;)

Josie opted for staying but we threw her into a motel some odd blocks away. Keeping her distant from our love shack. Ain't got no need for em coppers!

Saw a druggie earlier and followed him to the rest of his boyos and hoes. Hoes is the proper term, yeah? YEAH. Torn em to ribbons, let the boyo run off drugged off his arse. I had stuff to do, like pouring all that cocaine down one of the girlie's throats. Gotta make sure it stays down there, ya know. Had to stick my hand in as far as I could. Her reaction was PRICELESS! By reaction I mean the way she flailed and spasmed. ;)
That boyo I chased down, he didn't think it was a good idea to go into a crowd. Dumb fuck! Stuck in an alley with nowhere else to go. What can ya do? Kids just don't make it fun no more. There's no challenge. Got him from behind with a knife from one of the other DEAD boyos. Wedged it up under his ribs into that sweet sweeeeet spot. Boy did he squeal like the pig he is!!! I hugged him close and listened to every cry and breath until it all came to a stop. Threw him aside cause druggies don't provide the best meat to harvest. This was all just loads of fun!!

Bored bored bored. I don't like staying in this place. I like the farmhouse. Falling apart just so prettily! Got a torture space and a legit harvesting room. I even had a draining room! Oh this is madness. Eheheheheh!!!! MADNESS! HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS? IT'S SO BORING!
Killed a tourist recently and been playing with their camera. I think I got an idea to liven things up, boyos. :)
Got nothin better to do but write out that other stuff. Ain't got much of the attention span. Graves will do the boring stuff. Save me from wasting time.