Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Coppers what ya gonna do? What you gonna doooooo?
I got your boy all bound up. He looking mighty purrrtty. Graves dug him a nice hole in the ground, beat him senseless and woke him back up. Looks like a rookie now, like it's his first day on the job and there was a shoot out. HEH!!

Threw him in a coffin and buried him alive for a bit. Kicked back in the morgue and used the radio to question the boyo. So feisty. Went a few rounds of suffocating him in the box and smacking him about before he fell outta angry and just sobbed for hours instead. I lol'd lots, that's the right term right? ;)
He'll wise up soon. Ain't got no choice but to see it's real. Cut off his trigger finger on both hands. Ain't gonna be a cop no more, got nothing else going for him. Now it's either he lives or he dies, eheheh!

Gonna sit here and watch the boyo on the cam. Got a few hours before we gotta pull him. He be on borrowed time now. Got something to say I see. Hank, why ain't ya saying anything? C'mon now, boyo. Tell me that juicy news ya got~



  1. You're fucking sick.

    Seriously, get some help man.


  2. @An Anonymous Fox I saw a psychiatrist one time... told me everything I wanted to hear. :)