Thursday, August 18, 2011


Trespassers on MY property? MINE? I did not invite the runts and Graves would be stupid to have done so without my consent. Seeing how she's not stupid I'm going to believe her, bruising her throat and taking that look in her eyes told me enough.

Kids these days are supposed to be lazy little shits. Why the fuck are thrill seekers traveling miles out here? Sacks of meat. Caught the three of em. Two boys and a chickie. Can you say love triangle? Like a bad romance novel I bet ya, heh.
Graves got the little chickie in the stomach with the shovel, the handle in her gut before she spun it around and whacked her across the face. Knocked the girlie out cold! Stabbed one of the boyos in the leg with the shovel, strong babe cracked his shin. Was on the ground in second and knocked out cold too! The third wheel's head I smacked into a gravestone. Dragged them all inside where it was nice and quiet. Let em scream tonight. Give em something to be scared about alright.

Kiddies are in the vault right now. Not much to do with them at the moment, gonna use some of those ideas later that I've been cooking up. Skinny boy won't be much use. Harvest what I can of him and toss the no good goodies into the bucket for later. Think I'll use his bones for a nice decoration down here. Outta bleach though, gotta make a run to the store. :)


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  1. I feel like I should comment on this.

    Do you like skeletons?