Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gallows-Tree: What I want, what I do

Ho-ho! It's off to work we go!

Hello kiddies and soon to be deceased pests.
Who am I?
You can call me Gallows.
The woman behind me you can call Graves.
What do we do?
I kill people. She buries them... Usually.
Get it?
Got it?

I'll be blunt with you, I got one purpose here and it ain't to serve that bald fuck in a suit. He stopped visiting a while ago, give my man some props for all he's done. Graves would say otherwise if she could talk still, heh. Should see her mouth, so pretty.
Ya'll wondering what's up yet? What our agenda is? Kinda simple really. Gonna see how high the body count can get before I'm the one hanging from the tree. Don't ask how many have fallen yet, the game has just begun. You can tally that score up yourself when we really get started.

Ya'll wanna play with me? Don't matter, I'm coming for ya either way. Gonna see if you taste any different from the folk I pluck off the street. Softies, hoping you guys have some kind of crunch.

See ya soon. ;)



  1. What hole in the ground did YOU pop out of? No matter. Find a noose, and do us a favor, take yourself right back out of this world!

  2. Been there done that. ;)

    In the future to em starting this blog from scratch. Wanna say if ya happen to have the habit of posting comments all the way back here I'm probably gonna ignore em and you.
    If ya do it on purpose that's worse. ;)
    Rather sure these dumbasses are doing it just to annoy me. Fucking ADD, can't stay on one post can ya'll?
    Do it from now on, would ya? Less things get messy.