Tuesday, September 20, 2011


WE ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN! We played "Hide the body parts from Graves" and scattered em EVERYWHERE! EHEHEHEH!!! She went on a scavenger hunt to find em all.
We hid up on a level above her and dropped a body in front of her through a hole. SHE JUMPED and then threw the body over her shoulder and left. BOO!!
It's so much fun. I really wish she got angry. :(

It was the best of times. Saintie sums it up nicely so I won't go over the little things. ;)

We've been experimenting lots. I showed Saintie how to organize a persons insides and pick apart their body for use. Graves has been cleaning up after us, it's hysterical. I wanna put her in a maid dress watch, eheheh!! Gotta calm myself. She'll be getting dolled up real soon, heh!

Saintie and I are gonna to keep experimenting. I think I gotta let him go soon. FEW DAYS. WEEK. TWO? Wanna keep him some days. He don't scream or reel like em other proxy boyos when I pull a knife and get all playful. I like Saintie which is why I gotta let him go. I kill what I like. Graves is alive because she's more of a tool than a person. :)
Saintie, I don't want you to go. Let's play as along as we can! I think we should see how the human body can stretch. Then we can see how many cuts it takes till a person dies from pain and not blood loss. OH OH OH!! We should mummify someone! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT! I tried once. I got too hungry to finish, eheheh!!!



Graves present.

I've come to the conclusion Gallows is using Saint as a distraction from the issues at hand with the Agent. It has come to my attention that he's been sending me out to check in on updates in the area, yet he does not act. While Gallows is putting my body to work I find it less troublesome with him in a good mood.

Saint is pleasant when not influenced by Gallows. Hiding body parts was not something my time should be spent with. They had me put together the body before I buried it.

I recognize Gallows' itch. There is a reason we are secluded to this property and that city only a few miles away. Unlike others with specified targets or groups Gallows kills everyone, anyone. You are all prey to him, how long it takes for him to hunt you or kill you makes all the difference. Saint has done well. It has been years since Gallows allowed someone to live this long.

I need to tend to cleaning. Gallows has fallen asleep finally, he hangs himself oddly over the couch and is dangling half off it with his legs over the back. Gallows does not handle alcohol well, never built up much of a tolerance. There isn't any point in adjusting him, this is a normal sleeping position even when sober.

Enjoy your lives, farewell.



  1. On one hand, Gallows seems like the type of person I'd bring home to the folks...

    And on the other, Graves needs to let loose. What's wrong with killing everything? heheh.

  2. @The Anarchitect I'd like to meet your folks, we should arrange something. ;)
    Graves can't do much. I've done everything to get a response outta her. Bald fuck emptied her emotions out good. :(
    She makes a good tool. I ain't complaining much. EHEHEH!!

  3. Haha of course, when next I get a break from pleasing tall, dark, and faceless, we'll head up to the local cemetery and make a picnic out of it hahaha I also prefer that my tools to be cold and made of steel heh.

  4. Graves has made a point, Gallows. You shouldn't be ignoring the Agent. It is most unwise. Your new friends seems to be quite the distraction, you should be more careful with that.

  5. @The Anarchitect sickles are fun to play with. :)
    I LIKE PICNICS! We'll have lots of fun. Do ya like human flesh? I can make lots with it. ;)

    @Mister Creevey welcome back, boyo. Can't say I missed ya. Weirdie. Gotta play with something, Saintie makes for fun game. Maybe I should play with you instead? ;)

  6. I love the way you think heh. And unfortunately no, there's something about the taste that reminds me too much of poultry...

  7. I'd love to visit and help with your... frustration, but I don't fancy being stabbed.

    Not for a very long time, dear.

    I'll let you know when my own vacation is over, maybe we can have a few more decent conversations, yeah?

  8. @The Anarchitect I have to eat it. No one likes eating humans. Except graves but she has no choice, I never gave her one. ;)

    @Dia I saw ya been busy. Resisted leaving ya some nice little comments, didn't want ya to go outta your mind. ;)
    Lemme know when you're back. Ya got that email of mine, that ya do, eheheh!! Have a good vacation, girlie. :)

  9. Hahaha remember, you are what you eat.

  10. gallows huh? Ike, a pleasure.

    that fact that people call you a freak is almost laughable gallows. as you said "the itch must be scratched"

    if it was they're itch, perhaps they'd understand better. or maybe not. its irrelevant isn't it?

    ANY WHO, just scanning your archives of madness. ah, how interesting the mind is when it warps and sometimes snaps. it keeps the ideas fresh, the theory's changing.

    to be brief, my name is Ike, and i will be observing you much more often.

    wishing you a plentiful harvest or three, despite the damage that may be done.

  11. Ike.... heheh... Makes me wonder where Mike is. heh

  12. @ the anarchitect well as you can clearly see mike is right behind Ike.

  13. @Ike ya'll be watching me now? Ho ho ho~ I guess I should be careful, mister big time be watching like all em others. ;)
    EHEHEH!!! Ya got humor though boyo. Can't deny that. Come back more often why don't ya?

    @the Anarchitect you and your humor too, boyo. Like it.
    I know I am what I eat, exactly why I eat why I eat. I gotta itch that's gotta be scratched. I NEED to eat them. :)

  14. mister big time??? now now gallows, you give me to much credit. im just an outcast teenager, with a very. very. very. pissed of angry dark side.
    haven't killed anyone yet though. but who knows. at the rate shits hitting the fan that could change any day now(knowing my luck though, it wont.)

    and is that an invitation i hear????one telling me to sit back relax and watch the petty humans die by the hands of the cannibal????
    ill take two tickets, please and THANK YOU :D

  15. @Ike ya don't know sarcasm too well do ya? That's okay, more fun for ME! ;)
    I ain't just a cannibal, boyo. Come and stay, I wanna hear what ya got to say. Wanna hear what y'all gotta say!! Ya no likey people much do ya, boyo?

  16. Ehehe! Oh Gallows, you seem to be having more fun than I! Three's a party, ain't that right? ;)

  17. @Zero Song yup! Threes a party till ya got the urge to kill it down to numbero uno. ;)
    Graves be lucky she's a tool or she'd be loooong dead. Saintie left at good timing, got the itch directed at him a few times. Can't keep company for long, no no no. Eheheh!!

  18. @Gallows Hehe! Yes, it don't matter how many people are with you. All that matters is having FUN, yea? ;D

  19. @gallows actually i think it is you who doesn't know much about playing off sarcasm gallows :). what, you think im stupid enough to believe YOU think IM big??

    im a biiiit smarter then that believe it or not.

    and no. no, years of people fucking with me has breeded a deep discontent with them.
    to put it in simple terms, i fucking hate society. they are all abunch of useless maggots, earthworms who prey on the weak and waste valuable resources. the only reason i dont kill them all is im afraid that if i kill them ill start to become just like them >X(