Sunday, October 16, 2011

Path made of blood

Put more cops out on the street? Just more for me to kill. ;)
That's what we've been doing, ya see. Stationed right here at a nice cozy house. Guess where we are heading? YUP!! Straight to the heart of the city, sunny side baby.
Josie we're coming for ya, girlie.

Got a nice present from the last copper I killed. You'll figure out what it is sooner or later, Agent. Eheheh!!

We're gonna have some real fun. Ya can find us, just follow the nice blood trail we left for ya. Maybe meet us up at the end of the line!
Gonna take her into protective custody, Agent? DO IT DO IT DO IT!
Like that's gonna stop me, boyo. I'll encourage ya even, give me a challenge!! ;)



  1. Screw you, Gallows. Like hell you're going to kill me that easily.

  2. I'm happy you're still kicking, but really, why isn't the Agent dead yet? Something isn't right, love.

    Til something breaks or changes, I'll be waitin' to see if you're okay.

  3. I'll see you in the city of hell, Gallows.

    Be forewarned, it doesn't like murderers so much.

    Or are you too far gone?